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happy birthdayyy very lateee Ai S2

World of Ai Hienrichs

I’m six today (May 20)!!  Yes! Six years old! Wow! I can’t believe it…..I am an old cow! 😀

Six years ago today I rezzed in this wonderful virtual world of Second Life, driven partially by curiosity and real life works.  This is the first virtual game I played and since then I never turned back.

I can’t believe it has been six years!  Six years is a long time for me.  Not only many things have changed for me in SL, I have been through a lot in RL for the past six years too but I am glad I have always had SL by my side on those bright or gloomy days.  I see turning six as a great milestone, in fact a fabulous achievement in SL.  Looking back, I have grown a lot in SL and the changes and experience I had, have come to defined who I am in SL today.

The other day I overheard a friend describing her two-year son as the “Terrible…

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