Thats my point…

Thats my point...

Kill the spiders…to save the butterflies.

Whats makes a real model?

I have 3 years of experience on SL Fashion. I’m not a Top Model, nor ever considered myself one. I learn every day. At the moment I enter a backstage at the runway and see somebody very stunning, and I feel myself as a part of audience i recognize my lost. But have something inside me I need to give out, a feeling I need to spread among the persons I love and the person i will love yet.

Modeling for a famous Brand? No, Great models help transform little stores in Huge Concepts.
Walk for famous Brands? No, Top Models walk for everybody. Great photographic effects? No, a good models take ” Wow” for people without any special effects like Hollywood. They don’t need that.

In my opinion, a great model is that woman who make something little into something huge. Someone who can inspire people and help them see something special in can themselves be.

Your concept, your Life.



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  1. Syl,

    I could not agree with you more.I have just discussed this with a skin creator an hour before I saw your post. What I have noticed with most “known” models or bloggers, is they only endorse those brands that are already known. Which to me means they are riding the fame of the product when it should be them helping a brand to grow. Like what I told my friend, a really good model can wear a burlap sack and still look good 😉 If you notice SL Modeling has come to a slow down if not a halt, it is because of these “riding one’s fame” attitude. Very few would really help the SL Fashion Industry or the SL Market grow. Very few would venture to find new creators or designers and help them, for fear it will taint they make belief fame.


  2. you are exactly right! This is perfect my dear friend (other than I think you are an amazing model!) To me, like you, modeling is about taking a design and trying to express through a picture how special the design is to you. ❤ Love this so much Sylph, I shared it on FB Muwah!!

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