Raise Yourself!

Raise Yourself!

I met this fantastic store of lingerries called Senduelle with several types and colors of underwear, the cutest to the most sexy. Today already started my day so sad, remember today would be the first day of Love Donna Flora and remember that it passes through a difficult time. I ask everyone to contribute, if you can not buy, help to share this idea! Dont think you dont have power to do it! you have! And another thing let me sad is now i will not see Bliss Couture new releases, because will close doors soon. I always apprecriate her creations and her stunning talent to do it, We will miss Bliss Couture Amutey, be sure!!!!

Follow link for Love Donna Flora with all the links for stores: http://lovedonnaflora.wordpress.com/the-event/store-slurls/

Well, follow my post, Raise yourself!


Style Card:


Sensuelle Lingerrie ( Briddget)

Hair by Bliss Couture Alisaundra

Shoes by SoliDea FoliEs Tiffany


photo by Sylphia

– See more at: http://fashionfeed.thebestofsl.com/2013/07/raise-yourself-sensuelle/#sthash.jarOuodq.dpuf

– See more at: http://fashionfeed.thebestofsl.com/2013/07/raise-yourself-sensuelle/#sthash.jarOuodq.dpuf


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