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Amarelo Manga, Posesion and Winter Fair Frost!

Amarelo Manga, Posesion and Winter Fair Frost!

Yes its Blackfriday and I bring a lot of News for you!

First new is about my participation on Posesion Model search, it was very funny, this is was my last entry as a formal Look . If I will be choice? Not sure =) but crossing fingers! And like any store on blackfriday, they have a special promotion for you, go and have a look!

Second New is from Amarelo Manga, Always so Brazilian Soul, they have this pretty and elegant dress for you like to go at the Club. Enjoy!!


Style Card:

Dress Inaia by Amarelo Manga

Hair Xenia by Dela

Earring by Blackliquid

Bracelet Antonella by Amarelo Manga


Third and more IMPORTANT! Winter Fair Frost Show! Tomorrow at At Zenshi State, the land of my dear Pretty designer Zzoie, dont loose it! Will be a greaty show like you never saw equal.


AVENUE & ZENSHI is pleased to announce it´s 1st Winter Fair Frost, an event that will run from November 30th to December 30th and will include Second Life’s best designers and designs exclusively made for this event. We look forward for your attendance this saturday November 30, at 2PM SLT, with “A Zenshi’s Catalogue Trunk Fashion Show”.


List of Designers

Legal Insanity
Faster Pussycat
Liv Gla
AD Creations
Vero Modero
….and many more.


BlackLIquid Tokyoska
Landa Crystal
Natzuka Miliandrovic
Sylphia Constantine
Ewan Crumb
Lex Demonista
Nayomi Gartner
Nice Wildrose
Roxy Olsonne
Tyra Eiren

LPD, BELOD And A special visit!

LPD, BELOD And A special visit!

LPD, The most cute and elegant store in All SL, now bring a special dress for you. Its casual, Romantic and Very usual! Bella! =) Stay Bella!

Style Card 1 –

Dress by LPD Bella floral
Hair by Boon YNO421
Bag by Belod – Croco
Eyes Make by Kyxe
Earrings by Modern Couture
Shoes by N-core

And a special visit, my biggest Bro and friend Markski!!! =))) He is cute and I was very happy in know he is married with Veleria Endrizzi, one very admirable photographer!!!! =))) Happy in take this pic ater 1 year hahahaha


Sylphia Wear:  Brandy in Red by Zanze

Lana Hair by Lelutka

Evelien Scarf by Pure Poison

Skin by YOON anjelica

Boots by 1noovation

Mark Wear


PANTS: KAL RAU – Casual Chino – Dark

PURE POISON – Eveline Scarf
CRYSTAL LINE – Rising – Pierce L
ZENITH – Rammus Leather Backpack
XIAJ – X Sunglasses – Red/Black – 24 Gacha

Vero Modero In Red!

Vero Modero In Red!

Always bringing some really cool and the most striking new colors, Bouquet shows who knows the fashion world. S2 Take a ride and get your git on Vanity mainstore, its lovely for who add her group. =*

Style Card:

Jumpsuit by Vero Modero Nadia
Hair by Vanity Siena
Eyes Make up by Kyxe Vixen Gold
Bracelets by Modern Couture
Earrings by Purplemoon Margo
Shoes by N-Core

Pic by Me

Face of Romance Couture Search

Face of Romance Couture Search

Romance Couture is searching for a Face, do you have courage and a elegant taste to enjoy on that? I already did my look, and you? ^.~ Make yours!

Take a look on the stunning semi finalists

Semi-Final Entry for Romance Couture Model Contest

For more information enter on Inworld Group of Romance Couture.

That was my idea for a Dress, i wanted make something sublime, something lovely but very fierce too. I use Pink because is a romance color, the gold gives a touch of Royal and the white for keep the pure. I Want see your creation! Lets go!

Run because the last day for applications is 30-November! Better run and take your sit on this fantastic journey!

Style Card:

Dress by Romance Couture ( Competition Box)
Hair by Emotions Semirames
Jewelry by Donna flora

Photo by Me

AD Creations in Triple Dose

AD Creations in Triple Dose

Always exceeding expectations, Ad Creations Bring this 3 Outifits to drive you crazy! The first one is very Soft, like a cute Goth Style, Let the wind take the petals away =)
The Second one is dramatic, like wings out of the chest, a black widow. The third is a strong expression of fun, be high and spin around!

Style Card 1

Outfit by AD Creations – Dream Land
Hat by BaoBa – Mimmi
Hair by Vanity – Candice
Lips by Sys


-AD Creations QuartaStyle Card 2

Outifit by AD Creations – Dream Way

Hair by Boon Mix and Match

Make up by Blackliquid – Applause

Ad QuartaStyle Card 3

Outifit by Ad Creations  – Tribute to K

Hair by Vanity – Candice

Make upo by Blackliquid – Chen


Photos by Sylphia C.



A Dream Within….Orchids And Terra

A Dream Within....Orchids And Terra

It’s really an honor to be part of the group of bloggers LPD. This brand is one of the few that reflects the real meaning of lightness. A way of turning dresses into a state of mind, serene, delicate. Thank you very much Nevery Lorakeet! Its a plasure =).

LPD Terça

Style Card:

Dress by LPD Orchid ( A dream Within…)
Hair by Lelutka Pocahontas
Photographer: Sylphia C.

Another Another prestigious setting for the event was Terra, done by Mila Tarthan. That in my native language, Portuguese, means World. =) Enjoy!

solideaterça solideaterça2

Dress by Solidea Folies Terra ( A dream Within…)
Hair by Lelutka Magdalena
Photographer: Sylphia C

Zanze and Sessie!

Zanze and Sessie!

Sessie is a wonderfull woman, I knew her before MVW. Always lovely, cute and so Happy. =) Love you Dear Friend!

And this is a Zanze Gown with hr name! =) Pearl, enjoy!

Style Card:

Zanze Gown Pearl
Hair mix and Match by Boon
Jewelry by Chop Zuey Paparazzi Set

Photographer: Sylphia C.

Zenshi Show!

Zenshi Show!

Ladies dont loose this fantastic Show will happen at Zenshi State!

You are cordially invited to The first of a series of Zenshi Trunk Fashion Shows. The show aims to showcase emerging talent, produce sales, and increase brand identity in Second Life Community.

Featured Designers:
Zanze, Zibska and Liziaah

When: November 10, 2013, 1PM SLT
Where: Zenshi Sim http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zenshi%20East/117/227/2508

Have a Greaty Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!