Back at Home!

Back at Home!

Finally! After many troubles with my computer, a lot of RL drama and some beer its resolve! Happy in back and with all power!

After stay 4 months out, i realize something really greaty.

Why are we so desperate for recognition?
When we explain the psychological form, we know that the top of Maslow’s pyramid is the desire of all: recognition.I have a few good years of experience in the Fashion, SL and RL, and its funny how we never reach “out there”. We always want more, something inspiring, something amazing, something can take our breath away without words to explain. Sometimes it is frustrating to realize we hard work in something, and we were not the best at the end. Sometimes the feeling of give up and just start over, as many do with alts. I’m not different, since I felt so many times. But this time alone, I realized that what hurt me most was that one of my best friends and teacher noticed my insecurities. These are people I do not want to disappoint, I dont want disappoint myself. Models should be mirrors, where people see themselves, but being themselves, not the mirror. Models should not drive the head of the other, should show how to guide. There is no perfect or right way to do. But it is important not to give up and let the world go gray, a complete 1984 described by Georgie Orwell. And if you think that contest and this life is not for you, because there are several things wrong, do not give up. Wrong things exist in our world and in Second Life too. The magic is in turn this into another step to continue rising.

I had great teachers, some already taught me,  other still teaching me.Thanks!  You are greaty.

Style Card:

Dress by Désir – Carolina
Jacket by Vero Modero – Cece
Shoulders and Headpiece by SoliDea Folies Lamour
Makeup by Nuuna, number 6

Photo by Me


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