Woman behind the Burqa….

Woman behind the Burqa....

These days I have been thinking about many things. All this because of a conversation with an actor friend of RL. He has around 68 years old, has starred in many movies, novels and serials. Because of a serious health problem he had to amputate a leg, and has suffered a stroke….I never saw he complaining about his life…
We was talking about hoe people understands and see you….so he tell me something ….something really broke me…The problem …. is always on us. When we think that everything we see, others see. When we think we are when we are not clear. When we think we know and we do not know. The most difficult step is to recognize the problem…and then have the solution. One step….at time….

Thanks Carlos Meceni….



Style Card

Dress and headpiece – Gurk ( Exclusive for Zenshi) AD Creations
photo by Sylphia C.

This Saturday, dont loose it,

Miamai BlackLabel: The Golden Thread

A Fantastic show like you’ve never seen before.



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