Amarelo Manga, Belod and Evolve!

Amarelo Manga, Belod and Evolve!

Sparkling like a Greece God, Amarelo Manga bring this fantastic Dress called Paloma. Nice to past your new year, like a golden Queen. To make the party complete, Betty create this fantastic Clutch for Red Cross Phillippines, Stay Stunning and help too!


And to mix with this beautifull dress, I show you a Marigold tone of Kyxe Skins. The opening was fantastic, nice music, people and gifts! Did you lost? Follow the LM!

And I Cannot finish without saying Thank you so much Reign!! =) I present you the new gift of Evolve. So elegant and Bright!

gift evolve

Style Card

Style Card 1

Dress by Amarelo Manga ( Paloma)
Hair by Analog Dog ( Nightingale)
Necklace and Earrings by Alienbear ( Mimmi)
Clutch by Belod ( Cross Carity Red)
Skins by Kyxe Skins (Apricot Marigold)
Make up by Kyxe ( Seduction Gloss and Vixen Gold Eyeshadow)

Style Card 2

Dress by Evolve ( Holiday Jewell)
Jewelry by Alienbear ( Haukea)
Hair by Vanity (Venusia)

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