Dear Xerazade….

Dear Xerazade....

The desert keeps many legends and mysteries. Years pass and the sands lead stories with them. Sad stories, Happy stories, Stories to make you think about life.

I know a tale of a poor milkman.His shop was in the middle of the desert, and one day, a wanderer visited and advised:

“Throw your cow into the abyss”

He thought it was insanity! How he could just kill his livelihood that way?

Several years passed, and the Wanderer returned.To  his surprise, the place had become had a town.  And where the milkman store stood had become a Huge Palace. He knocked on the door and a girl answered. She informed the Wanderer that the milkman was her father. The milkman had passed away. She went on to tell her father sold milk in the desert, until one day he threw his only cow in the abyss. From that day, he had to seek other ways to make money, and his business began to prosper. When he became the owner of the palace, he married her mother.

I love this story. How many others in the desert as 1001 Nights? So this post is about the inspiration of a eagle on the desert.


Style Card:

Dress by Son!a Reign in Black
Jewelry by Chop Zuey Alegresse ( NEW Set from Miss Virtual World Egypt 2014)
Hair modified from Lelutka Lana

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