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Let the Wind….

Let the Wind....

Finallyy!!!! That’s was not my last Exam on RL but the worse pass!!!! Yeayyy!!!! The most hard teacher of all University give me credits after all LOL I Reallyy don’t Believe!!!!!!!! So I Have to dedicate this post with a outifit I really love on Golden Thread ( Well, I love them all, but this one, was so…fantastic!). A fantastic imagination, one so vivid earth, behind the eyes of Monica Outlander. Enjoy!!!

Style Card

Dress by Miamai ( Elapse)
Hair by Wasaabi Pills ( Cookie)
Pants and Shoes by Miamai ( Ardore Black)

Photo by Sylphia

Désir and AFI Designs

Désir and AFI Designs

These days I had a discussion with my boyfriend about: Being someone’s universe. Not that I’m not romantic, I am. But I think that our universe is not just one person. We are surrounded by several factors for our joys and sorrows. Such as our work, friends, hobbies … everything …. I seriously think that if someone is your universe…this cannot be love and turns into obsession. But this is how I see things.

As always i really love have visitors in my Blog =* Mark-Chan!

AFI Design

Style Card1 –

Dress Mia by Désir * NEW*
Hair by Exile

Style Card 2:

Dress By Afi Designs * Snowfall*
Hair by Vanity *Fallen* NEW

Miamai: Legendary

Miamai: Legendary

Since I started as Model in 2010, I have a special love for Miamai. Every single outifit has a diferent spirit that transcends the imagination.As Calvino would say: Pure Visibility.The whole Monica universe of fantasy is something to explore and feel. Miamai is more than a concept, is a sensation.A state of mind.

Take a ride on Story of Details – The Golden Thread
by Miamai

And I dont need to say she is so Cute? LOL Have I?

Was a honor be part of the Show!
Style Card

Legging and Shoes by Miamai (
Hair by Lelutka (Lana) Ardore Black

Version with Close Eyes


Kyxe, LPD and The Golden Thread

Kyxe, LPD and The Golden Thread

I am very excited for this saturday!! First, the opening of 4’Seasons Mall, will be a fantastic opening with musics and stunning models. I prepare a special gift for everybody wil enjoy the party with And this will not be the only gift! Dont Loose it!!!!!!!

This corset is the first gift you can get on the party. Curious to see the others?
Come with us!

4Seasons - by Kyxe

Now, for keep you warm in this Winter LPD!


Style Card:

Coat and Scarf by LPD – Giada ( NEW)
Hair by Vanity – After Dark ( NEW)
Shoes by Finesmith – Sunset
Makeup by Kyxe
( The fur on hands and hair was a modification oh Eshi Bolero FUR)

And the Golden Thread! Its a greaty honor be part of this fantastic show! I always love Miamai creations, and in my humble opinion, is the most fantastic store of Avant Gard I ever meet! Monica have a special taste to make outfitis fly and cause a sensation in us.

Dont loose that!


Woman behind the Burqa….

Woman behind the Burqa....

These days I have been thinking about many things. All this because of a conversation with an actor friend of RL. He has around 68 years old, has starred in many movies, novels and serials. Because of a serious health problem he had to amputate a leg, and has suffered a stroke….I never saw he complaining about his life…
We was talking about hoe people understands and see you….so he tell me something ….something really broke me…The problem …. is always on us. When we think that everything we see, others see. When we think we are when we are not clear. When we think we know and we do not know. The most difficult step is to recognize the problem…and then have the solution. One step….at time….

Thanks Carlos Meceni….



Style Card

Dress and headpiece – Gurk ( Exclusive for Zenshi) AD Creations
photo by Sylphia C.

This Saturday, dont loose it,

Miamai BlackLabel: The Golden Thread

A Fantastic show like you’ve never seen before.


Elephants, Vogue and The Next Makeup Revolution!

Elephants, Vogue and The Next Makeup Revolution!

A real Warning to share: STOP WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING!!!!!

Chop Zuey did that fantastic creation to help and remenber about the cause, Stay tunned on:

* Reference Sources for this information:


We need to enter in cause, who will defend them?

Now , as always, Vogue come with something stunning to Blog. This week, she bring Mackenzie Suit, for you ever wanted be Miranda. Or be the devil wearing Prada! LOL

Style Card 1

Hair by Wasabi Pills and Baiastice ( mod on photoshop)
Make up – Glance and Shym
Earring and Necklace – Chop Zuey ( When Elephants Dream)


Style Card 2

Skirt and Blazer by Vogue ( Mackenzie)
Necklace and Earrings by Chop Zuey ( When Elephants Dream)
Make up by Kyxe ( Devine Sunset and Toasted Almond Gloss)
Boots by Azoury ( Opium)

Sem Título-1


And Finally!!! A revolution in makeup is comming! Kyxe’s Skins and Shapes bring a new concept for make up, bringing the best colors of the season, according to the prevailing fashion. You are cordially invites to enjoy music, gifts and more! Whats your color? Color me Beautifull.

December 7 – 10 AM SLT

Little Devil by Lybra

Little Devil by Lybra

Its a pleasure Blog for Lybra. 😉

Well, I really believe in Florence Song:

Cause looking for heaven, found the devil in me
Looking for heaven, found the devil in me
But what the hell
I’m gonna let it happen to me

Little demon

This is a special outifit for FINESMITH MURDER MYSTERY – who killed WrenNoir Cerise?
Dec. 1st – Dec. 8th Only, Dont loose the Event, be the detective and get the murder! Like Hunt prize, you can get the Clow outifit. Where is the killer? ^.~


Style Card 1

Lybra Wings, Boot, Body and Fishnet – Goldust

Dela Hair – Lala

Chop Zuey Bracelets and Head piece – Carmens Escape and Itsy Bitsy Spider

Photo by Sylphia C.


Style Card 2

Lybra Top, Make, Hat up and Pants – Clow Couture

Lelutka Hair – Rykiel

Boots – 1nnovation Chanless

Zanze Lianna!

Zanze Lianna!

Since I meet Zzoie, I can wait to see the next release of Zanze. All the outifits are so glamorous and rich! That is Lianna Gown, a amazing creation have 2 versions, in Silver details or Gold. Your choice, your taste!


Style Card:

Dress Lianna in Black and gold – Zanze
Andrea Hair – Wasabi
Splendor Falls – Chop Zuey
Photo by Me