Until my Last Breath…..

Until my Last Breath.....

Miamai always bring special news, and this time she create 2 amazing dresses for you, Morije ( the back one) and Sarenne ( in 7 different colors for you).



Until My last Breath
Cannot cry it loud enough
I’m giving up this ghost
How can I still justify
When you deny my voice
In this nothing I am not allowed
I just follow alone
Words as weapons without a sound
Echoes dying unborn

Until my last breath
You’ll never know
Until you feel the silence
When I am gone
Now it’s vanishing
What we might have been
Only now your prays
Call my name
But you won’t see again

Style Card:

Dress from Miamai ( Sarenne in Silver)
Hair from Wasabi Mia

Style Card II

Dress from Miamai Morije
Hair from Wasabi Momo

photo by Syl. C


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