Mês: fevereiro 2014

Modern Way

I love Art and love how fashion sometimes can became art. So this is the reason why I think Modern Couture and Chic Zafari can mix and match sooooo well ^.~ Enjoy!



Style Card:

Dress Spectra Gown pink by Chic Zafari

Hair Carma by Modern Couture

Jewelry Couture War by Moden Couture

Socks and Shoes FemmeFatale Escarpin Couture by Chic Zafari

Look of the Day

One look for every moment of your day =***

The wake up

The Work

The romantic night ^.~

home - claire - plumeria pure poison

Outifit by Vogue ( Claire), hair by Liquence ( Genesis), Sandals by Pure Poison ( P`lumeria ,Rare item of liquence genesis - chic mila - lpd vanessaThe Arcade Gacha)

Skirt by Chic Zafari ( Mila), Coat by LPD ( Vanessa in Yellow), hat by DRD ( Black Butteffly)

sahara lybra lana lelutkaDress by Lybra ( Sahara), hair by Lelutka ( Lana), bang by Vanity Bonetta



Has Brides for every type of person! So in this post I bring a mix of feelings and funny ways to see Brides LOL. First ” The Serious and traditional ones”



The Gothic and Fearless ones! 



And the Fantasy ones =p



What type of  Bride you are?


Style Card

Dress 1 – Son!a Luxury Babe

Dress 2 – Angels and Demons Gattopardo

Dress 3 – Miamai Shae Moonlight

Bury me….


Ok, I dont think I need to put more gasoline in this fire. But I am REALLLYYY Tired of this fashion drama about stole Shapes, Makes alts, hack another one, use X blog to attack other persons. About all that, I just have these words to say:

Its to much better and simple live OUR lives.


Greaty part of this Fashion drama just happen because people dont acept their own lives and need to attack other or make another one. AND Why this people insist doing that…? the result will be the same. If you are arrogant thinking you dont need to learn nothing anymore, Crap will be always crap.

Seren amd bree modenr coutureholdon


Style Card:

Outifit by Vero Modero Seren ( Jacket and Pants)

Hair by AD Bree

Necklace by Modern Couture


Dress by LPD Vanessa

Hair by Boon

Eyepatch by DR

Boots by Bax

Marry me?

Yes! Monica Outlander is fantastic and bring you a special collection for Brides! Your only hard work to do is….Choice! See it!

Alendra e Dream of ParadiseDress Bridal by Miamai ( Alendra), Hair by Exile (Dream of Paradise), Crown by Lazuri ( Josephine)

Gillie e likaDress Bridal by Miamai (Gillie), Hair by Miamai ( Lika), Shoes by Miamai ( Barbarella), Jewelry by Lazuri Nayomi.

Jullianne e Josie

Dress Bridal by Miamai ( Julianne), Hair by Truth ( Josie)

bridalsDress Bridals special collection: 1 – Esther, 2- Harenna, 3 – Sarenna ( Hair: Miamai Ojaa, Wasabi Emily, Wasabi Mia)

Ygraine e H&S Crow

Dress Bridal by Miamai  ( Ygraine), Hair by H&S Crow, Head piece some with the gown.

Barbarella Shoes for Slink MID.Barbarella

For the last one, my Favorite! Shae, not just because was inspire in Shae Sixpense ( A wonderfull Woman), but because is VERY Creative and romantic!

Wasabi Fay e Shae



Before the Dawn


Isis Me


Isis Me. Little bit Spechless today LOL

Maybe it was my mistake
Could it be that I’m the one to blame?
Broken all the pieces
Why don’t you throw the rest away?

And you cry like a baby
Fly like a bird
I’ll shoot you down
And yet no one can save me
Cause I only disappear here

Wait! I’m in the wrong house
I’m in the wrong room
Some place in someone else’s shoes

I want to turn back
I want to shut down
I’ll blow away if I breathe out

Save me from sleeping now
Save me from flying out
I disappear here



Dress by Evolve Isis

Hair  by Boon

Jewelry by Lazuri Nayomi MVW Brazil

Lips by Kyxe

My Valentine



Its Valentine Time! Doesnt matter if the Day already gone =*, and for Happy News! I Bring my New Sponsor Chic Zafari! I have to say I LOVE IT all the creations, they are creative and Awsome! Just Breathtaking! And to keep love in the Air, another creation on Love is in the Air Event!

And I could not forgot my pretty eternal passion Miamai! This time with this Amazing Face Painting with a Future Touch! See my Alien little monsters ^.~. I love Thierry Mugler and hsi idea about Unique and Diferent. See Anatomy of Change and review their prejudices.





Madre Monster!

Style Card:

Dress Butterfly by Chic Zafari ( Love is in  the Air Item)

Hair by Miamai Ojaa Bown Tone

Gloves bt Belgravia Nero Leather

Hat by NDR Black Butterfly ( mod)


Style Card 2

Dress Ora by Chic Zafari ( Love is in the Air Item)

Hat Misaki by Pure Poison ( Love is in the Air Item)

Boots by Judo


Style Card 3

Dress Alien by Chic Zafari  ( Love is in the Air Item)

Wings by Miamai (BlackLabel Collection)

Head Paint Future by Miamai ( NEWW)

Jewelry Giz by  Finesmith

Lips Turquoise by Kyxe

Eyes by A:S:S

Cosmic Love

A falling star fell from your heart
And landed in my eyes
I screamed aloud, as it tore through them
And now it’s left me blind


The stars, the moon
They have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day
I’m always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart
This lovely pose is by Posesion a set called Secret. RUN!
News on Love is in the Air! This time i bring Son!a Luxury Fashion, but stay prepare because have more coming!
Style Card 1:
Son!a Lingerrie set – J´aime ( Love is in the air Item)
Hair Dela – Lala
Jewelry Lazuri – Lasya ( NEW) ( comming soon in more details)
Style Card 2
Son!a Dress Ruffle Black and Blue ( Love is in the air Item)
Hair by Zero Style Venus
Lazuri necklace Royal Blush

Vogue Me

anjela y bogue

Hello Dear Readers, sorry for my ausence in the last days LOL, in true whats happen? Well has many of you know I live in Brazil. Anddd Here we are in Summer Session, with HUGE Thunder Storms, so I have been without energy this last days, but trying as I can keeping my Posts here ^.~

So this time I brind a special New release by Yoon, the Skin Anjela in this very sexy tone and SungYoung Lingerrie by Vogue, to make your valentine month more interesting. ^.~


Srtyle Card:

Hair by Vanity – Fallen

Lingerrie by Vogue – SungYoung ( NEW)

Skin by Yoon – Anjela ( NEW)

Necklace by Lazuri – Classic Pearls

Until tomorrow….


I have a song I love from a group called ” Hybrid”. I love their songs and in special one ” Until tomorrow”, that says:

You drink your health
And remember to forget
Sat on a roof
In the everlasting moments of your youth
You looked surprised
As it all went up in smoke before your eyes
Beneath the glow
On a different kind of Sunday morning



And Sometimes my life seems a Sunday Morning even on a Monday LOL. Today i bring this pretty dress and boots from my dear Momoka from Chocolat



Style Card:

Dress from Chocolat Colas in Blue

Boots from Chocolat Over in Blue

Hair by Vanity Girls on Film

Necklace by Lazuri Kaya