Marry me?

Yes! Monica Outlander is fantastic and bring you a special collection for Brides! Your only hard work to do is….Choice! See it!

Alendra e Dream of ParadiseDress Bridal by Miamai ( Alendra), Hair by Exile (Dream of Paradise), Crown by Lazuri ( Josephine)

Gillie e likaDress Bridal by Miamai (Gillie), Hair by Miamai ( Lika), Shoes by Miamai ( Barbarella), Jewelry by Lazuri Nayomi.

Jullianne e Josie

Dress Bridal by Miamai ( Julianne), Hair by Truth ( Josie)

bridalsDress Bridals special collection: 1 – Esther, 2- Harenna, 3 – Sarenna ( Hair: Miamai Ojaa, Wasabi Emily, Wasabi Mia)

Ygraine e H&S Crow

Dress Bridal by Miamai  ( Ygraine), Hair by H&S Crow, Head piece some with the gown.

Barbarella Shoes for Slink MID.Barbarella

For the last one, my Favorite! Shae, not just because was inspire in Shae Sixpense ( A wonderfull Woman), but because is VERY Creative and romantic!

Wasabi Fay e Shae



Before the Dawn

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