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FIERA /Closing party!! Join us to celebrate this amazing adventure!!!



Tomorrow this wonderful of SAVIAD FIERA FIRST edition experience will come to an end.

We invite you to celebrate with us the talented designers and tireless and creative bloggers, who have accompanied us on this first journey.

We have had visitors and customers who visited the fair in these 15 unforgettable days, and you all are invited to dance!. Let’s celebrate together! …waiting for the next adventure …

march.31st.2pm slt



Dj Riri Bazar

During the party we will assign the GIVEAWAY huge prize!!
In order to partecipate you only need to join the inworld SAVIAD Group, we will select a random winner from the group list…you are still in time to join so … runnnnnnnnnnnnn 🙂

here the TAXI! 

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This is what I brought you this you can keep,
this is what I brought you may forget me.
I promised to depart just promise one thing,
kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

Saviad Last Hours! RUN and grab all the things you can! Dress by Living Imagination ( blooming)

poets heart etertnal cópiaNow a very precious creation of Talentous Designer Irina! =) Poets Heart exclusive for Saviad – Eternal!

Poets Heart Courtessan - emotions niani bracelet


And this precious Of Poets Heart is gift for group! =p Run ladys!

Emotions always making something stunning and creative! Niani Bracelets!




And for Last this precious Creation of Evolve called Tribe, amazing homenage for African Cuture.



Breath of Life



Lybra and his magic on my House Today!Some spell for Saviad Fair and another in his store! Enjoy!

Dress by Lybra ( Natzuka), carry the name of our precious Miss Virtual World 2013.

lace dress rir




I want give a great Welcome to RIR as my new Sponsor =). Its a precious Lace dress with transparence very cute, in my skin, the most new sensation of Kyxe, Candice!



LKPD Always surprise me with pretty and glamorous dresses, this time she bring this cute one called Yeriak.


And for Last, my Favorite One of Saviad Fair 2014, I just LOVE! And inspire the picture in the Charlize Theron in the Snow white movie ^.~. For you, Malificent. Jewelry by Modern Couture Andromeda.

maleficent lybra

Breath of Life

rawr ghee driven to tears vanity


Hello Dear Readers! Saviad Fair is coming to end, just a few days and is over. And I bring some other things are on the Fair.

This week was amazing for me, after all the frustation of my crashs in the midle of a show on saturday. @-@ Ok, some people say I cover to much of me, but in all my Entire career I just crash 3 times. The frist one, was on MVW in  challenge competition, the second I transpass the barrier of the runway LOL ( ok, this one was reallyyyy weird), and now , not sure why lol. In backstage I crash a lot! but for lucky is all on backstage =). SL let me work Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dress by Ghee ( Saviad Tiger Fair Item) include BAG and HAT.

spring gown am



Dress by Amarelo Manga – Spring ( SAviad Exclusive item)

countdown - morgana gold - lelutka brigitte


Dress by Coundtown ( Saviad Exclusive Item)

Sem Título-1Nailed It Nails ( Saviad Fair Spring Item)

And finally, This one I put as last because I really love it! I felt like Charlize Theron in Snowwhite and the Huntsman! Post with more details soon! Now The most New set of Poses on Muse Store! RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!



Dress – Malificent ( Lybra for Saviad Fair 2014) with Modern Couture Andromeda Jewelry/Skirt part VM Add.


Thank You


I have to say how happy I am with this Blog. How happy I am for all the feedback I have been receiving about all readers. Thank you SOOOO Much for like my Job, This just give me energy to keep everything with quality for you. And more than this, to share everything I think, I know and Love. Realyyy Readers…Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skin: Candice ( NEW) Kyxe Skin and Shapes

Dress by Miamai ( Nanna modified)


pichi melba dress truth electra poseway pose - natzuka spring rin daisy blackliquid spring sparkle


More News on Saviad for You! And not just Saviad but Collabor 88 too.


Dress by Pichi – Melba ( Saviad Fair Item)

Pose by PoseWay ( Saviad Fair Set)

Hair by Truth – Electra ( Collabor 88)

Eyemakeup by Blackliquid – Spring Sparkle ( Saviad Fair Item)




Fear the Fiera! Azul dress Exclusive ton for Saviad, Claro de Luna.

Thank you Everybody for be so faithfully, I ask for keep following me and Always stay free to leave coments and sugest me changes =) Because of you I have been earning sucess not just in the Blog but in my modeling career, always more and more! Love you Allll ❤ ❤ ❤


My First 6,000 Views in a  Month! Thank You!!!!!!!!!


Take me to your planet!

Desir News on Saviad, and Baoba!




Hat by Baoba ( Black Laggon) Saviad Fair Item anddddd

legend rose - sinahi


The legend of Rose, by Baoba Too, like it? I didint finished yet!

liana desir


Désir like pretty butterfly, Liana Gown, Exclusive for Saviad!

Hairs: Dura/Vanity/Wasabi Pills

I wanna be….Poison

This Post, more Saviad News and always a song for you, but special new from Lady gaga, G.U.Y.

mila gown][wasabi eve - miss ficceh heels vicky dress regina necklaceSnapshot_003-2




And This Sunday you have a stunning show with Pure Poison!!!! by Who? Talented Models of Penumbra Agency!

Penumbra Fashion & Events
Pure Poison Trunk Show
March 23, 2014, Sunday, 2pm slt

Style Card:

Dress : Gown by Gizza ( Exclusive for Saviad Fair)

Outifit and Heels by SYS ( Esclusive for Saviad Fair) Hanoi

Dress, socks and hat by Gizza ( Esclusive for Saviad Fair) lolita

Pure Poison Dress ( Exclusive Saviad Fair) Vicky

Dress MVW National Costume Queen Elisabeth by Pure Poison

Tiger Alley is now Open!!

Saviad Tiger Alley!!!!!!!!!!!!


TIGER ALLEY : White Tiger Themed Market TIGER ALLEY : White Tiger Themed Market


Join us at the event in the event!!!

Exclusive items inspired by our Saviad Tiger all in one market area and the very first creation signed SAVIAD!
Come visit us and grab your exclusive items by some of the most talented Designers of the grid at a very special price!


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Solidea Folies
Ad Creations

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Watch Me

This last months was full of work for me, as model, mananger, PR , all LOL. But I feel very happyyy for all the trust people have in my work. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO Much! =))


Love you All <3!!!!

Saviad News!



Dress, necklace and Wings from Finesmith (Saviad Fair)

finesmith butterfly mua butterfly boon goold and purple wings and neckButterfly Make up by Mua ( Exclusive for Saviad Fair) and Hair by Boon

Now A new not so new and a New for my dear Aubry, AFI!

afi ragdolls - vanity flawless - noctis necklace



Dress by AFI Rag Dolls ( with AFi Necklace and bracelet Noctis) and Trinity ( Hairs by Vanity, Group gift for group members)


More Saviad news just to end ^.~

gathaca vanity lady roise blue 2



Baoba Lady Rose in Blue ( Saviad Fair 2014) hair by Vanity.

gathaca vanity lady roise blueBaoba Hat Queen lily Teal ( Exclusive for Saviad Fair) and Vanity Hair


Saviad: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SaliMar/250/250/2802


Beast Inside Me

Snapshot_003Feed the Beast Inside me with your hate. My answer came with Flowers.

Dress by Azul, tone exclusive for Saviad Fair 2014, Antonela is a beautiful gown by our Dear Mami Jewel.

sys vortex eka


This Fantastic Creation is Vortex by SYS. Is a unbelievable vision of shapes and high fashion touch.Sys, always giving new expresion for modeling. Another exclusive creation for Saviad.



So dont lost this Fair! Run and grab all stuffies you can! Dress White Tiger – Amarelo Manga/Finesmith Necklace Butterfly