If I Could….

Fairy Fair - Drivne to Tears and Chen - grinch hands (DRD)

Our Lives are full of ” If I Could….” lets try just…..Do it ^.~

News on Evolve and in the Saviad Fair!

For Saviad I Bring this Fantatic Vita Boudoir Creation, called Fairy, exclusive for the Fair. This living imagination about nature and spirit , you can see on March 15º on Saviad! Stay Tuned!

The news dont Stop, and this Time I bring 2 Special News: On Evolve and Emo-tions.

Evolve Create this fantastic casual Dress with this texxture similar of a Moonlight, and the pearls are a classic and glamorous touch of Emo-tions, came with a Hud to change the colors. The Hair is another Mirja creation, very high fashion and elegant! Enjoy it!

show pearls

Like the poses? So Wait to Saviad Fair! Slouch Poses from our Dear Eira Juliesse!


In this last months I have all the troubles with energy and Internet, because of Brazilian Storms ( what is bit Sad because we are having water issues in the Dam, its not raining on there and we start to enter in rationing of Water). But I promisse to All ym sponsors, I will put all my posts in day again.

And in this post I will  reveal somethign about me: I like some musics that coming with our new mobilephones. Like this 2 ones of Nokia LOL. I am so Weird?

And! No less Important, Stay Tuned! This Saturday you have a date with this fantastic Penumbra Production:



BLACKLACE Trunk Show March 8, 2014, 2pm slt Event Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zenshi%20south%20two/137/27/3981

I see Pinup Girls coming!


Style Card 1

Fairy Fair by Vita Boudoir ( Exclusive for Saviad Fashion Fair)

Driven to Tears Hair by Vanity

Grinch Hands by DRD

Chen Makeup by Blackliquid

Style Card 2

Dress Show by Evolve ( NEW)

Necklace Pearls by Emo-tions ( NEW)

Hair Yashi by Emo-tions ( NEW)


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