Saviad Is Open!

Did you love all the items we have been showing in Posts? Saviad is Open! Run!

Noe a bunch of Item you may find in the Fair, i have been posting many, and new ones are coming! Stay Aware!


By Dead Dollz this amazing Gown called Hazu ( Exclusive Saviad Fair 2014 Item), with a elegant touch called Anne * NEW*( Hair) and the Ariel*NEW* ( Jewelry) both by Emotions!

dead dolls hazu dead dolls sakura e umbrella hatrella - high friends lamb


This pink one is another creation by DeadDollz to the Fair, Sakura is Stunning and jhave materials on! The pretty Umbrella is called Hatrella, is funny and cute! The hair is High Friend by Lamb, one Collabor 88 item.

anthea huld sabela zibska hat collar dress  catwaa vivianna bax boots applause gloves



I have to say: Is a pleasure can post this amazing Items of Zibska. I love her imagination and creativity. All ehr creations are high fashion and stronger, as a Diana Vreeland imagination. Ty Saviad Fair for the oportunity! This one is a mix and match between fair items: Zibska Sabela ( Saviads Item Exclusive) with Zibska Huld Collar, the hat is called Anthea by Zibska too. I LOVE This mix. The hair is by Catwa Viviane and Boots are by Bax.

roz zibska mare carnival vanity anoiset teal blackliquid e liquid glaze turbulence lips



This Another one, by Zibska too, is Called Roz – Mare tone, I love the part of the feathers on the neck! The hair is by Vanity – Carnival and make up is by Blackliquid – Anoised Teal and Liquid Glaze Lips.

sadie zibska noir candy truth mark blackliquid sys lips - my precious cass


For the last one, I have to let my Favorite: Sadie. I cannot describe, is just amazing! The texture, the black flowers, the idea! Sabie is by Zibska and is another Saviad Fair Exclusive item, the hair is by Truth ( Candy) and make up is a mix between Blackliquid and Sys.

WB Shimmer Bloom hat ghee

ghee vivid garden




This pretty one, I decid do a more Artistic photo: Vivid Garden is a stunning exclusive Creation by Ghee for the Fair Event, Is bright and elegant. The hat is called Shimmer Bloom. ^.~I love it! Hair by Tableau Vivant – Monso

BOISINBERRY SUCK bb sakura dream vita


And for the last one: This pretty Geisha by Vita Boudoir: Sakura Dream is a Saviad Exclusive dress and remind that pretty tales of Japan. The lips are a stunnign creation by Blackliquid, coming soon. The make up in eyes are by Nunna. Hair by Boon.



Love this Items?




Saviad is Waiting!


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