Breath of Life

rawr ghee driven to tears vanity


Hello Dear Readers! Saviad Fair is coming to end, just a few days and is over. And I bring some other things are on the Fair.

This week was amazing for me, after all the frustation of my crashs in the midle of a show on saturday. @-@ Ok, some people say I cover to much of me, but in all my Entire career I just crash 3 times. The frist one, was on MVW in  challenge competition, the second I transpass the barrier of the runway LOL ( ok, this one was reallyyyy weird), and now , not sure why lol. In backstage I crash a lot! but for lucky is all on backstage =). SL let me work Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dress by Ghee ( Saviad Tiger Fair Item) include BAG and HAT.

spring gown am



Dress by Amarelo Manga – Spring ( SAviad Exclusive item)

countdown - morgana gold - lelutka brigitte


Dress by Coundtown ( Saviad Exclusive Item)

Sem Título-1Nailed It Nails ( Saviad Fair Spring Item)

And finally, This one I put as last because I really love it! I felt like Charlize Theron in Snowwhite and the Huntsman! Post with more details soon! Now The most New set of Poses on Muse Store! RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!


Dress – Malificent ( Lybra for Saviad Fair 2014) with Modern Couture Andromeda Jewelry/Skirt part VM Add.


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