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Yes! Feel like the wait was SOOOOOOOOOOO long?

Miamai Scavenger Hunt!

bianka silk sea portland


So, If your Dream is have a ALOT of Miamai Outifits, there is your Chance! Scavenger Hunt on Miamai will happen on April 12th at 10am SLT. Want Participate? What I do?!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Tell you ^.~

Miamai has asked nine of their bloggers to include answers to nine questions within their posts. All you have to do is find the nine answers in each of the bloggers’ posts, write them down in a notecard and drop the notecard on Shae Sixpence. The first three people to find all the answers and drop them on Shae will win the entire Luxe Collection. The questions can be found on the Miamai blog at this link as well as the names and links to the nine bloggers.

Who are They?! I tell you too =p

Foxx Pawpad
Caoimhe Lionheart
Sylphia Constantine
Harlow Heslop
Kynne Llewellyn
Shae Sixpence
Harper Beresford
Grazia Horwitz

So, what Can I say about the New Luxe Collection of Miamai? Monica has a endless imagination and try to bring the luxe to the streets. It is a collection for every day wear that has a luxurious feel ^.~. Have many colors, many pattenrs, many printed!!!!!!! So If you want be Glamorous! Dont forget to go at Miamai!

Make sure to click over to the Miamai blog and check out the nine questions you need to find the answers to.

Hair by Lamb – Portland Collabor88

Bianka Silk bt Miamai Luxe Collection ( to be released April 12th)

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