The Edge Of Glory

The Eternal desire of each model! the Edge of Glory!



All the Models Desire is be on the Edge! Be somebody recognize by other, became a inspiration. Do you have what it Takes? So Enjoy it!


An opportunity to participate for everyone.
The judges vote with full transparency directly to the contestants.
The WINNER will be invited to the BLVD Agency and directly enter the contest MISS or MISTER ViRTUAL WORLD!!
Among other interesting proposals!!
Last year won Bea Serendipity!
This year can be YOU!



BOSL is please to announce the begining of the amazing journey that our TOP MODEL COMPETITION is going to be for all of us, if you want to be part of it here are the requirements, you need to be male/female model with experience,great presence and the abilities to be creative and style with class and good taste, if you want to be recognize and stand out of the crowd this is the contest of your dreams, we want to find the best TOP MODEL in SL and that could be you, all you need to do is sing in and have fun among th best designers in our virtual world .

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Join “the Best of SL Magazine Readers” group to get the most current contest information prior to their audition and results of selections.

2. Create a FOLDER named “TOP MODEL COMPETITION Call 2014 – Your Name” and include the following:

3. Make a 512×512 or 1024×0124 raw snapshot FULL PERM in a white or black background, full body, of your BEST STYLING. And include in the folder.

4. Make a notecard (full perm) called “I AM A TOP MODEL [YOUR NAME]” and add styling credits for all clothing and accessories used, as follows:

FULL store name – FULL item name/colour
eg. Baiastice – Mika High Waisted trousers /Silver

(so that somebody reading this could find the store in search or on Marketplace please, don’t just copy the name as it appears in your inventory if it’s a lot of initials and asterisks)

5. Send the folder to me, Locuala Madruga, by midnight SLT on Sunday, 25th May.

Please follow all these instructions – failure to do so will mean your application is disregarded. Incomplete applications will be excluded from the selection process.
Chosen models will be announced on May 31 st, 2014.
We will send you more information about the fist runway elimination process.


It’s hot to feel the rush
To brush the dangerous
I’m gonna run right to
To the edge with you
Where we can both fall far in love

I’m on the edge of glory
And I’m hangin’ on a moment of truth
I’m on the edge of glory
And I’m hangin’ on a moment with you

I’m on the edge
The edge, the edge, the edge
The edge, the edge, the edge
I’m on the edge of glory
And I’m hangin’ on a moment with you
I’m on the edge with you


Style Card:

Dress by Vero Modero Azra ( NEW)

Jewelry by Modern Couture Moca and Ogaspe

Hair by Dura 51 ( NEW)

Hat by Lybra Sephora Facinator

Pumps by Miamai Organica ( NEW)


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