Mês: maio 2014


We dont know where they born.

We dont know how they spread

We dont know how much people care about that.

irem jumpsuit lavender kyxe blackliquid kajaGossips are everywhere, so I learned to never pay atention to this. The best way to deal with them is Let it Go! =p Yes like Frozen!

romantic lips

This week was long and Hard, Many shows at Penumbra Fashion Week. This agency ruled by ZZoie , is one of the most respect ones that I know. Their Work is really serious and very fair with all the models. I m really proud to be part of this Agency. And didint over! The Last show of Penumbra Fashion Week is tomorrow! ^.~ So Run and take your sit!



Style card:

Jumpsuit by Vero Modero – Irem

Earrings by Blackliquid – Kaja

Hair by Boon

Lipstick by Kyxe – Romance Collection Lavender



Augen Auf

Damn Stone =p!!!

Evolve came with this dress called Saura, is it so Yummy? The Hat is a pretty Flower creation by Solidea Folies called Missu. I felt like a lily in the valley lol.

saura evolve missu solideaAnd a romantic look by LPD, perfect for your romantic date! The dress is call Simona and came in another 3 different colors, the heels is pretty and cute creation by Pure Poison – Pin It Girl. The modern necklace, of course, Modern Couture – Noya.

vanity kissing a frog, lpd simona stripe black noya modern couture truly earring

pure poison pin it girl wedges


Why the name? =p Oomph!!!


Do or Die


Have some time I dont post, And I will explain Why: My Exams on University have began and I was preparing many things in SL last months. First I have to say, How Happy I Am.


Have some years that I start modeling, but if have something that I love is Run. I can be anything in SL, but run will be always my passion, and I just will Stop in the moment this became boring for me. So, to explain why I m talking about that is because this Sunday is the SL Top Model Competition, and I want wish Luck for all the partipants!

Be a Top Model is more than wear outifits, walk straigh and use a good pose, you have to show me personality and originality.

Really sorry for the Bad English ^.~But Good lucky Everybody! See you all in the Sunday!

And this pretty girl at my side, make all sense in this text. Again, Why? LovelyMiwako was a precious friend in my SL after MVW. She hold my sorrows many times and I owe to much for her.

Thanks Miwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all2 muitas


After all this tribute and good luckies LOL, I bring A heavy mix and match in a Heavy Metal Style!

Style Card

Corset by Femme Fatale ( Chic Zaffari) – Katerine

Pants by Femme Fatale ( Chic Zaffari) – Leather Couture

Wedges by Pure Poison – Ava

Gloves by Angels and Demons Creations – Writlees

Jacket – Coco – Biker Red

Horns/Hair/Jewelry – Emotion – Mantus and Dragonheart Set

MEB Sanremo e whiteskirt. Modern Couture Truly set, Emotions pria


And for Last, no less important, I want post this pretty Gift give to me by the MEB Owner. Was release this Week on Penumbra Fashion Week, Run and grab your, have another colors and Prints ^.~!!!!

Jewelry by Modern Couture – Truly / Hair by Emotions – Pria




SL has been a diferent Jorney for me. I meet every type of people since I am here.And its funny How SL teachs us a several things. I meet nice people, talentous ones, the envy ones, the shy ones, the kindest and the hypocrites ones. I dont have anything to complain about my SL expierience. Like everybody I comit some mistakes, some things I did right and I still doing what I believe is true. Honestly, I have few friends, but they are the BEST that anyone can have. For me all this Worth in the final. Love you all! =)

So, I confess I m captive by this persons around me. I need to know how they are feeling, if their lifes are Ok, SL and RL ones. I need to put a smile on them, make them laugh. I really believe we are the connections around us, like a chain. So Captive by Lybra. ( Hair by Dura, boots by BAX)


Watching me

The whole world is watching when you rise
The whole world is beating for you right now
Your whole life is flashing before your eyes
It’s all in this moment that changes all

What are you waiting for?
What are you fighting for?
‘Cause time’s always slipping away



I have been veryyyyy angry in the last days. I m trying as a crazy one, fix my computer :(. The most funny is the technicians that I took my baby (computer) dont know whats happen. =( This is the reason why my posts are so few and my Login too. But I will try my best to keep blogging and not trying kill the technicians.

So, I m a little bit rock in roll, but I confess I have a passionate for Pink. =pppp So this dress bring the name of a precious model CottonCandy by K E L I N I. The hat is a precious and creative piece by Baoba –  Delicacy Purple.

Gloves by Meli Imako

Stole by Vive9

Hair by Truth


As I told….I am rock in roll =p, after all this candy I need clean my veins lol What Can I Say?

Snapshot_002 cópia


The Leather Dress Magissa by my Dear Eva! K E L I N I!!! The horns/mask are a pretty creation for Fantasy Gatcha from Pure Poison =*.


And As a last advide…Did you Hear the SL TOP Model Search begin? NO?! So take a look in this link and proove you are the best!

SL Top Model - Are you the Next?

Free Hate

Eva Swinsuit e vm sunglasses bamboo


Some people asked me How I dare with Haters, I just say ” I dont Care”, I just do what I love, I dont want earn audience with this. All that I do, is because I want to do, if people like, AMAZING. If they Dont ” Ok”. Things like that dont Hit me, have many other problems in Fashion thats Reallyyyyyy Hits me, but this is topic for other post =p

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Summer commmiiiinnnnnnnggggggggg!!!!!!! Vogue bring this pretty Swinsuit called EVA, and to put a summer glamour I use the Glasses of Vero Modero – Bamboo.


Like this one? RUN! Is a Ghee Group Gift! Is pretty and cute!!!!!!!!