Watching me

The whole world is watching when you rise
The whole world is beating for you right now
Your whole life is flashing before your eyes
It’s all in this moment that changes all

What are you waiting for?
What are you fighting for?
‘Cause time’s always slipping away



I have been veryyyyy angry in the last days. I m trying as a crazy one, fix my computer :(. The most funny is the technicians that I took my baby (computer) dont know whats happen. =( This is the reason why my posts are so few and my Login too. But I will try my best to keep blogging and not trying kill the technicians.

So, I m a little bit rock in roll, but I confess I have a passionate for Pink. =pppp So this dress bring the name of a precious model CottonCandy by K E L I N I. The hat is a precious and creative piece by Baoba –  Delicacy Purple.

Gloves by Meli Imako

Stole by Vive9

Hair by Truth


As I told….I am rock in roll =p, after all this candy I need clean my veins lol What Can I Say?

Snapshot_002 cópia


The Leather Dress Magissa by my Dear Eva! K E L I N I!!! The horns/mask are a pretty creation for Fantasy Gatcha from Pure Poison =*.


And As a last advide…Did you Hear the SL TOP Model Search begin? NO?! So take a look in this link and proove you are the best!

SL Top Model - Are you the Next?

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