SL has been a diferent Jorney for me. I meet every type of people since I am here.And its funny How SL teachs us a several things. I meet nice people, talentous ones, the envy ones, the shy ones, the kindest and the hypocrites ones. I dont have anything to complain about my SL expierience. Like everybody I comit some mistakes, some things I did right and I still doing what I believe is true. Honestly, I have few friends, but they are the BEST that anyone can have. For me all this Worth in the final. Love you all! =)

So, I confess I m captive by this persons around me. I need to know how they are feeling, if their lifes are Ok, SL and RL ones. I need to put a smile on them, make them laugh. I really believe we are the connections around us, like a chain. So Captive by Lybra. ( Hair by Dura, boots by BAX)


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