Do or Die


Have some time I dont post, And I will explain Why: My Exams on University have began and I was preparing many things in SL last months. First I have to say, How Happy I Am.


Have some years that I start modeling, but if have something that I love is Run. I can be anything in SL, but run will be always my passion, and I just will Stop in the moment this became boring for me. So, to explain why I m talking about that is because this Sunday is the SL Top Model Competition, and I want wish Luck for all the partipants!

Be a Top Model is more than wear outifits, walk straigh and use a good pose, you have to show me personality and originality.

Really sorry for the Bad English ^.~But Good lucky Everybody! See you all in the Sunday!

And this pretty girl at my side, make all sense in this text. Again, Why? LovelyMiwako was a precious friend in my SL after MVW. She hold my sorrows many times and I owe to much for her.

Thanks Miwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all2 muitas


After all this tribute and good luckies LOL, I bring A heavy mix and match in a Heavy Metal Style!

Style Card

Corset by Femme Fatale ( Chic Zaffari) – Katerine

Pants by Femme Fatale ( Chic Zaffari) – Leather Couture

Wedges by Pure Poison – Ava

Gloves by Angels and Demons Creations – Writlees

Jacket – Coco – Biker Red

Horns/Hair/Jewelry – Emotion – Mantus and Dragonheart Set

MEB Sanremo e whiteskirt. Modern Couture Truly set, Emotions pria


And for Last, no less important, I want post this pretty Gift give to me by the MEB Owner. Was release this Week on Penumbra Fashion Week, Run and grab your, have another colors and Prints ^.~!!!!

Jewelry by Modern Couture – Truly / Hair by Emotions – Pria



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