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I took all afternoon trying put in words how I am feeling today…and honestly the only word that came to my head was Redemption…Not sure about why, not sure where this is applicable….. I have been watching many things that I disagree in the SL. Things that just add up to each other. Olds with new ones. And in a funny way, I see more and more that there are no differences between sl and rl. People cannot disguise themselves forever. Or maybe I m just to much naive…..I prefere think I am.

“The free man is lord of his will and the slave of your conscience” Aristoteles
post 1This 3 looks come inspired in my mood today:

spring infatuation emo roxanne cópia


Nobleness of spirit

( Dress Evolve – Spring Infatuation)(Hair Emo-Tions – Roxanne)

evana vogue baona night and day emotions eden

Harmony of Yin and Yang

( Dress Vogue – Evana)(Hat Baoba – Night and Day)( Hair Emo-Tions – Eden)

emma lika


( Dress Wayne – Emma)



Blue Couture

^.~I have a amazing new Sponsor in my House, Name? Blue Couture!


spanish eyes



I am fascinated by her creations, with a tone of Alexander Mcqueen, transforming feelings in creations.

Style card: – Dress from Blue Couture ( Spanish Eyes), Sandals by Pure Poison ( Jasmine)

emotions windblow 6 the crown antakya cage blue couture cópia

Style Card: Dress by Blue Couture ( Crown Antakya Cage) Hair by Emo-tions ( Windblow 6) and Make up by Nuuna

I back from my Travel for Chile and have to say How amazing is that place! For the first time I meet snow
*-* So  couldnt let the opportunity to show my first moment with snow! Thats me, ^.~ my real me.



( Yes I sing that music xD hauahuahaua could not resist!)





After many years in this SL Fashion Grid, I announce a STOP in my Carreer as Blogger and Model ;). Tired of this Drama!



Kidding! XD I back at monday (23) =PPPPPP Wish me a Happy trip!!!!!

Seey youuu Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I believe in something that I learn in my RL about hatred…. is a useless felling. Just drag us to a Dark hole without back. We dont earn anything with him.

Already exist some people in my Life that I could say ” I Hated “. But this is not tottally true, I think this is a really heavy feeling to assign about someone else. I was hated by someone too, If they have reasons to hate I normally ask my sincere apologies, I dont have problems about proud. And If they dont have reasons to hate me, I just keep my mind clean about everything…… because I know who I am and what type of people I want at my side…..

” My world is divide in two sides: Peoples That I love and People who doesnt Exist”

My Teacher told that once a time. I believe is very valid. =)



About forgiveness….. I give for who ask always.


Like my Look? =* Run! Is the Ghee Hunt for Bloggers! Many stunning things by 10 L each!

Good luck!

For all the information you need, check the ghee blog:

ghee main store:



Style Card:

Dress Spiked set by Ghee ( Fashion for Life 2014)

Ghee Hunt items ( Floral Pants, Black Top and Bracelets)


Good Lucky! World Cup Brazil!

World Cup Begins, and in my pretty Country =). BUT, I have to say I was disappointed with the opening. Its really sad the way they did that opening. Why? Well looking for the Carnaval parade, I ( like many Brazilians) Expected more, MUCH MORE!!!! Not that poor presentation. And about the game against Croatia,  Nice Game, not much fair but lets the ball roll in the field. LOL

miamai dalida savannah catwa chrystal necklace and cabin handbag pure poison anastasia wedges glasses fox.poison clear glasses cópia Snapshot_007feetshair


Style Card

Dress by Miamai – Dalida

Necklace by Pure Poison – Chrystal

Hair by Catwa – Savannah

Glasses by Fox Poison – Clear Glasses

Bag by Pure Poison – Cabin

Shoes by Pure Poison – Anastasia

Lion Cage

Lion Cage

Sometimes, Just sometimes, live in this Fashion GRID is like be in a Lion cage. You need to survive with the beast….. and sometimes, not just one beast. They will try put you down, scare you, some of they will be your loyal friends, another not so much and another ones will test how resilient you are.
But If I learn something important…. is to never kill the Lion, they are the ones who teach you more things. Important things. Just do not let your guard…..and be prepare to be attacked.
Because someday…somehow…you realize what was hidden behind you…all the time.

lelutka amanda lpd gelsomino baclskliquid felini noir baoba spring breeze Snapshot_006 Snapshot_008

Style Card:

Dress by LPD – Gelsomino ( NEW)
Hair by Lelutka – Amanda ( NEW)
Hat by Baoba – Spring Breeze
Heels by Miamai – Indifference ( LAcessories)
Makeup by Blackliquid – Chen and Feline

Beyond the Invisible


someoneSome time ago we lost a important Angel, our dearest “DonnaFlora”. So this is a precious creation of my lovely Monica Outlander/Miamai called Noemi for Donna Flora =).

We still loving you Squinternet Larnia!!!!


noemi miamai windblow 7 emotions e diva modern coutureHair by Emo-tions – Windblow 6

Jewelry by Modern Couture – Diva


Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise

Have some things that I cannot understand….

I have a precious friend that revealed to her parents she is Lesbian. Unfortunally, her parents expelled her from home. I ask myself ” Why?”.

Maybe I m to young or stupid to understand some kind of stuffies. But How can a Mother or Father do that. I always thought religions was something to bring us peace and self reflect. No the right to judge the others based in what WE think is right and good. To me, this is an ignorance without size.

Doesnt matter whats is sin or virtue, the question is…Who is Perfect?
I am not….

So the question is…Who can Judge?

chutzpal cópiaDress by AD Creations – Chutzpal


The Death….

PureDress by AD Creations – Pure


The Life….


IrisDress by AD Creations – Iris


And what we do with this Time……