Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise

Have some things that I cannot understand….

I have a precious friend that revealed to her parents she is Lesbian. Unfortunally, her parents expelled her from home. I ask myself ” Why?”.

Maybe I m to young or stupid to understand some kind of stuffies. But How can a Mother or Father do that. I always thought religions was something to bring us peace and self reflect. No the right to judge the others based in what WE think is right and good. To me, this is an ignorance without size.

Doesnt matter whats is sin or virtue, the question is…Who is Perfect?
I am not….

So the question is…Who can Judge?

chutzpal cópiaDress by AD Creations – Chutzpal


The Death….

PureDress by AD Creations – Pure


The Life….


IrisDress by AD Creations – Iris


And what we do with this Time……


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