I took all afternoon trying put in words how I am feeling today…and honestly the only word that came to my head was Redemption…Not sure about why, not sure where this is applicable….. I have been watching many things that I disagree in the SL. Things that just add up to each other. Olds with new ones. And in a funny way, I see more and more that there are no differences between sl and rl. People cannot disguise themselves forever. Or maybe I m just to much naive…..I prefere think I am.

“The free man is lord of his will and the slave of your conscience” Aristoteles
post 1This 3 looks come inspired in my mood today:

spring infatuation emo roxanne cópia


Nobleness of spirit

( Dress Evolve – Spring Infatuation)(Hair Emo-Tions – Roxanne)

evana vogue baona night and day emotions eden

Harmony of Yin and Yang

( Dress Vogue – Evana)(Hat Baoba – Night and Day)( Hair Emo-Tions – Eden)

emma lika


( Dress Wayne – Emma)



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