Rule the……



The world wake up sad again. Another airplane of Malasyan Airlines was ” down “. Russians or Ukrainians, doesnt matter, I see 300 families in grief. And for what? Oh….Of course,  fight for more power maybe. But what all these 300 souls has with respect to this power? Nothing…..So lets face the most Horrible true: Who decides down a airplane? Our goverment. Who choices the goverrment? Who supose to charge the Goverment about their acts?


Many people can say ” You are crazy” “You are condoning Anarchy”. No, thats is not the point. Why we choice somebody to represent us in a state? To carry our beliefs and fight for what WE believe is right. And what we do, when our employee ( YES they are our employee) just decide kill another ones? Or decide start a war puting your SON in a war? ( Yes, your Employee give YOU orders).

Okay, I dont have solutions for the world. Capitalism or socialism, doesnt matter, every system has a failure. But if your employee decides shoot down a Airplane with 300 civilians….its your responsability too. I am not blaming the nation of Russians or Ukrainians, I just left this question:

Did you agree? If Not, what you will do?



Style Card:

Dress by Solidea Folies – Giz

Hair by Emo-tions – Love War ( Hair fair 2014)

Mask – Hamlet

Lips by Fauna – Blue tone


blue couture mushroom emotions envy hf2014 liquid glaze kyxe electra cooperWish Peace for all these 300 families.


Style Card:

Dress by Blue Couture – Mushroom

Hair by Emo-tions – Envy ( Hair Fair 2014)



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