Holy Heart


I believe I already post this music on my Blog, but I Love her and worth repeat.

I have been not login in SL to much, and when I do…..sometimes……. I feel a pretty sad looking how much anger take this game. ……Fights between friends, Stores, Fashion dramas and this is just a part of the problem. Sometimes SL surprise us because seems a lot with Real Life, full os snakes and disappointments. I always try do my best been nice with everybody I meet, but I am human after all. As all the other Avatars, We are all people behind a screen….. and I dont know why….we are trying to be perfect. Our Avatar are perfect in beauty, but inside they are like us. We give life to this personas…..but why we need hide our sadness and griefs? this politic of good posture and perfect behaviour seems so fake to me.

Sometimes people just wanna cry and be huggie. 😉 Spread hope and good energy is hard sometimes when the others just send you bad wishs, but I learn to never gave up. Everyday when  I wake up in morning I ask to God to clean my path of Evil and keep me in a right way…..And for all my friends, my dear friends I ask the same.


Dress by LPD

Hair by Wasabi Pills

Flowers by Tableau Vivant

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