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AD Creations in Triple Dose

AD Creations in Triple Dose

Always exceeding expectations, Ad Creations Bring this 3 Outifits to drive you crazy! The first one is very Soft, like a cute Goth Style, Let the wind take the petals away =)
The Second one is dramatic, like wings out of the chest, a black widow. The third is a strong expression of fun, be high and spin around!

Style Card 1

Outfit by AD Creations – Dream Land
Hat by BaoBa – Mimmi
Hair by Vanity – Candice
Lips by Sys


-AD Creations QuartaStyle Card 2

Outifit by AD Creations – Dream Way

Hair by Boon Mix and Match

Make up by Blackliquid – Applause

Ad QuartaStyle Card 3

Outifit by Ad Creations  – Tribute to K

Hair by Vanity – Candice

Make upo by Blackliquid – Chen


Photos by Sylphia C.