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Queen of Hearts…..

Queen of Hearts.....

I have a very funny afternoon with October Bettencourt and discover her most deep dark secret: She know do Outifits toooo!!! Now its better she stay prepare, I will make her crazy for this stuuning gowns! I will need more, more, MOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEEE!!!!! S2

Own just to tell, some persons dont know what is S2. This is the brazilian heart <3. =p

Queen of hearts


Style Card:
Temptation Dress by Captive Designs
Holiday Neckpiece by Solidea Folies
Flamenco Jewelry by Chop Zuey( NEW MVW SET)
Hair by Boon ( 3 mix and Match hair)
Butterfly Eyeshadown by Kyxe

Photo by Me