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Désir Miss China!

Désir Miss China!

Today I participate on the Face of Romance Couture as finalist, unfortunally I didint pass as finalist. But thank you all Friends for the suport! I receive a special suport for a person I didint use to talk, Shinobu Istmal, thank you for your kindess Shinobu!!! S2 and for Mark who was on the audience looking for me =) Ty! S2

Well I didnt have the oportunity to show my last look because they was just for the 8 finalists, so we was judge twice for the same look, so I want show my Last look here =). I Have a hard work to do, so hope you enjoy!


And the amazing gown of Miss China on Désir, run and grab it!


Style Card:


Dress from Désir MVW China

Hair from Tukinowaguma Faith

Parasol by BB