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The most funny thing can happen to a person is: Be hated for any reason LOL. Well this happen to me a LOT actually, what is weird, because until I remember I never did anything for this people LOL. So should I care? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I have a lot of friends who likes me =), people who suport me, one of they I could never imagine! So because of they and for they, I know I am in the right way. I just keep at my side people I admire, people who can teach me new stuffie everyday, people to Share and receive.

So…. about the hateness for somebody never did anything to you, I keep this precious Words I saw in a friend Skype Profile:

” Love is Boundless, Hate is Useless ”

And I will never think different =), my world is divide in 2 parts: The People I LOVE, and the people who dont exist. I dont wast my time with Hate, I just ignore =).

A huge Welcome to Mohna Lisa Couture and Lazuri! =)


About this pretty Picture I bridn this LPD Gown you cna find on Couturier Docks! And the Jewelry is a amazing Lazuri Creation!

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Style Card:

Dress and Hat By LPD ( Valeria)

Jewelry by Lazuri( Kaya Set)

Hair by Lelutka Maleficent

Slink feet High


Photos by Sylphia C.