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Winter Love…

Winter Love...

It always seems impossible until its done. ( Nelson Mandela)

I Really Believe there is nothing impossible When we Work hard to have it.

I start my blog Post with this Quote of Nelson Mandela, my little tribute to this HUGE man.

And For my Greaty Happiness!!! I became FORC Finalist! Thank you All like my photos =), now I had another Challenge Waiting!New Adventure comming!
Like this Elegant Dress? Do you believe this is a Gift? YES! Eleseren of Romance Couture is givin like a Gift this fantastic Dress, this is a real Christmas Spirit! So for you want rock in this Winter Run and take it!


Style card:

Dress by Romance Couture ( Golden Christmas)
Earrings and Jewelry by Romance Couture ( Golden Christmas)
Hair by Catwa