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The Goal

The Goal

What is your Goal? If you not reach it, how you supose to feel?

Today I talk with 2 friends about it, and was touch for some words of Cao, a very talented model on the Grid. I never talked about it, the reasons make me left Second Life.

I was a very young model in 2011, I earn to much in a very small space of time. I mean, in one year I did what anybody did before: I was model for 2 stores without any academy, I reach as finalist of 2 important competition of the grid and get a spot light in the Miss Virtual World 2012. I am not trying to be arrogant, I just believe I let myself carry for these lights. I have compete with very heavy names of Second Life Fashion Grid like Anna Saphire, Falbala Fairey, Caohime, Carley and Rissa, girls very talent and with a long road. I thought I was in the same level than this gorgeous womans.

I back last year, since I realize how stupid I was. I have to much to learn, and just because I didnt get my goal, this doesnt mean I supose to give up. Titles doesnt mean nothing ladies, if somebody came to you and try to throw you something like ” You dont have a Title or a Award” send this person to Hell. This is doesnt mean you dont have any talent, just mean the other person impress more the judges based on their cultures, or this contest is rigged.

What is your Goal? Have a Title or be the best as you can, using what you believe?

Loose a contest its not the end of the world. the life, the second life goes on!

And for you care more about titles then true talent, you know exactly where you can put your award ^.~. Stay the hint!

sonia 1

and sorry for my English LOL Brazilian here!

TODAYYYYYYYYYY my pretty favorite formal designer! Son!a with Yola!

Style Card:

Dress from Son!a Yola ( NEW)
Hair by Lelutka Neu ( NEW)
Jewelry by Son!a, came with the dress

photo by Me