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Make up Style!

Make up Style!

You drink your health
And remember to forget
Sat on a roof
In the everlasting moments of your youth
You looked surprised
As it all went up in smoke before your eyes
Beneath the glow
On a different kind of Sunday morning

The thought of this post is simple, you want to be a model or want to be the model?

Ever wished you had a makeup styles of the great photos from Bazaar, Vogue and Elle? Now you can! A collection of makeup Vogue is phenomenal!


Style Card:

Feather Series Make up by Vogue
Emeli Irish Hair by Lelutka
Wynter Glaze Gloss by Blackliquid
Jewelry Marina by Pure Poison

Style Card 2

Feather Series Make up by Vogue

Hair by Lelutka Keeley

photo by Syl.