Lion Cage

Lion Cage

Sometimes, Just sometimes, live in this Fashion GRID is like be in a Lion cage. You need to survive with the beast….. and sometimes, not just one beast. They will try put you down, scare you, some of they will be your loyal friends, another not so much and another ones will test how resilient you are.
But If I learn something important…. is to never kill the Lion, they are the ones who teach you more things. Important things. Just do not let your guard…..and be prepare to be attacked.
Because someday…somehow…you realize what was hidden behind you…all the time.

lelutka amanda lpd gelsomino baclskliquid felini noir baoba spring breeze Snapshot_006 Snapshot_008

Style Card:

Dress by LPD – Gelsomino ( NEW)
Hair by Lelutka – Amanda ( NEW)
Hat by Baoba – Spring Breeze
Heels by Miamai – Indifference ( LAcessories)
Makeup by Blackliquid – Chen and Feline

Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise

Have some things that I cannot understand….

I have a precious friend that revealed to her parents she is Lesbian. Unfortunally, her parents expelled her from home. I ask myself ” Why?”.

Maybe I m to young or stupid to understand some kind of stuffies. But How can a Mother or Father do that. I always thought religions was something to bring us peace and self reflect. No the right to judge the others based in what WE think is right and good. To me, this is an ignorance without size.

Doesnt matter whats is sin or virtue, the question is…Who is Perfect?
I am not….

So the question is…Who can Judge?

chutzpal cópiaDress by AD Creations – Chutzpal


The Death….

PureDress by AD Creations – Pure


The Life….


IrisDress by AD Creations – Iris


And what we do with this Time……




SL has been a diferent Jorney for me. I meet every type of people since I am here.And its funny How SL teachs us a several things. I meet nice people, talentous ones, the envy ones, the shy ones, the kindest and the hypocrites ones. I dont have anything to complain about my SL expierience. Like everybody I comit some mistakes, some things I did right and I still doing what I believe is true. Honestly, I have few friends, but they are the BEST that anyone can have. For me all this Worth in the final. Love you all! =)

So, I confess I m captive by this persons around me. I need to know how they are feeling, if their lifes are Ok, SL and RL ones. I need to put a smile on them, make them laugh. I really believe we are the connections around us, like a chain. So Captive by Lybra. ( Hair by Dura, boots by BAX)




For all my readers, please pay attention in my post today. Normally I dont use my Blog to talk about this things, for me this is a sacred place where I keep myself away from Drama. Like I always try to do in my SL Career.

Well this post dont have any other intention beyond alert the models in the GRID. In my First class in a Modeling Academy, the first thing they taught me was:

” If you are here, because you think we will traine you to Win a contest, FORGET!, We train you to became a Wonderfull Model, because if you enter a non-serious contest, you will think all the SL Fashion GRID is like them. ”

Like any place in RL, there is non-serious people and Serious People. Well I dont have anything against anybody, but lets talk about one certain ” Pageant”. The last Winner is a very precious friend that I meet in 2011, and I really believe she deserve the crown. I will not say if is rigged or no, I dont know the people or the staff involved with the pageant.

All that I will talk here will be my impression about the Owner of this Pageant and his no professionalism:

Well lets start from the beggining:

Since I back in January 2013, I was very welcome by some precious friends and I receive the notice my dear friend was crown like the winner in this pageant. I was very happy for her! After some months some people told me really bad stuffie about the pageant, and I Always keep my position like: “I was not there, I cannot say anything about them, or about the pageant”

Well this year all the stuffie start again, and with a weird speak like ” We fixed all the past issues”. Well, I decide like a Wise person, see by myself the ” Bad Pageant” and Well I notice some Weird things:

First: Everybody can enter, Non-models and Lycans and Wherever. Problem with this Rule? NO, any, I just dont understand the criteria they use in a case like that.

Second: Some Models Dont follow the Theme ” Formal Couture” , and pass LOL.

Third: Some Styles was VERY simple and a little bit boring, but they pass LOL.

Ok I was not judge and will not tell the judges how to make the Job or if was Wrong, is about perspective. They thought was good and I thougt Bad, there is no problem with that and I respect them and the decisions.

Well the audicion finish and OK, I just left for my house. Just to make something clear now :


So for my surprise, today I noticed I was Banned of the Land, and what was the reason? LOL Well I went to the owner and ask why. For my surprise, that was the text:

” You have some affiliation with Isomotion?”

I answer ” Yes I buy poses on there”

So this person accused me to promote Isomotion on his Land.

Well just to get it Clear, if you see my picks you will see I am coordinator of a Pose Store, the Muse Pose Store, so Why I would promote the concurrence Store in his land? Fail 1.

He dont show me any proof about his accusation. Fail 2

In the day I was on there anybody contact me to tell anything wrong. Fail 3

They told I was with Isomotion Tag. If I was? Doesnt matter I dont saw any rule telling the audience cannot stay on there with any other TAG Fail 4

I was with his pageant TAG Fail 5

If Was prohibited stay with another TAG, I was never informed. Fail 6

If have some problem in that day, why anybody came to me to clarify the situation? Unprofessional! Fail 7

I could go for hours telling all the fails, but the point is:

I dont have anything against the Staff, I have precious friends on there, but the Owner for me is another story. He proved his incompetence in knowing resolve the situation, and more than that: Lack of professionalism.

So this post is to alert the models who join on that competition, If the Owner act like that, Take Care!

The most easy stuffie in SL Fashion World is earn a BAD Reputation.

And for who still having doubts about it I say : Look for youself! You will be surprise.

You can read more about it on:

Many people alert me about it, I am proud of myself to not judge anybody, I check the Truth. I didnt need ask nothing, he proove my friends was right

Style Card:

Dress from Diram Amanda
Jewelry by Lazuri – Eva SET
Hair by Emotions Windblows 5



We are all outsiders, we are constantly changing and following through tortuous paths. Life is ephemeral, inconsistent and the scenery is amazing.


Vero Modero always surprise us with something stunning! This time Joly, a special mix with a jacket and a stripe pant! Always following your RL tendences!

Style Card:

Jacket and Pants by Vero Modero Joly
Hair by Miamai Ojaa
Glasses by Pure Poison
Chain Necklace by DRD

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Well I have a passion by Angels, they are mysterious creatures, full of passion and light. Everyday we deal with demons inside us, so its good have a balance between then =). Why A Clock? Well we are ransom of the time. Time to be good, time to be bad!

Snapshot_023 cópia

Soooo what better represent of Angels and Demons then use Angels and Demons Creations? LOL


Style Card


Coat by Angels and Demons Creations Sore Throat

Boots by Bax Regency

Looking for Something

Looking for Something

Looking for Something
Something new
Something good
Something fast
Something exciting

This time I bring a special jewelry and dress from Lybra. Enjoy! ^.~


Style Card:

Dress by Lybra Patricia
Jewelry by Lybra Winter Emerald
Hair by Boon

Edition by Syphia C.



I have a special surprise to became a friend of Shinobu Istmal, she is cute, gorgeous model and very kind human. =) Its a pleasure meet you Shino!!! S2

We try to find a love we share, and we find on Miamai! =) Kisses!


Style Card Syl:

Outifit Titania by Miamai ( The Golden Thread Collection)
Hair Ojaa by Miamai ( NEW)
Handler by Rozoregalia
Mask by B@R Eclipse
Back part by Miamai ( mod Bata)

Style Card Shino:

Dress Cliona by Miamai
Silente Hood by Miamai

The Goal

The Goal

What is your Goal? If you not reach it, how you supose to feel?

Today I talk with 2 friends about it, and was touch for some words of Cao, a very talented model on the Grid. I never talked about it, the reasons make me left Second Life.

I was a very young model in 2011, I earn to much in a very small space of time. I mean, in one year I did what anybody did before: I was model for 2 stores without any academy, I reach as finalist of 2 important competition of the grid and get a spot light in the Miss Virtual World 2012. I am not trying to be arrogant, I just believe I let myself carry for these lights. I have compete with very heavy names of Second Life Fashion Grid like Anna Saphire, Falbala Fairey, Caohime, Carley and Rissa, girls very talent and with a long road. I thought I was in the same level than this gorgeous womans.

I back last year, since I realize how stupid I was. I have to much to learn, and just because I didnt get my goal, this doesnt mean I supose to give up. Titles doesnt mean nothing ladies, if somebody came to you and try to throw you something like ” You dont have a Title or a Award” send this person to Hell. This is doesnt mean you dont have any talent, just mean the other person impress more the judges based on their cultures, or this contest is rigged.

What is your Goal? Have a Title or be the best as you can, using what you believe?

Loose a contest its not the end of the world. the life, the second life goes on!

And for you care more about titles then true talent, you know exactly where you can put your award ^.~. Stay the hint!

sonia 1

and sorry for my English LOL Brazilian here!

TODAYYYYYYYYYY my pretty favorite formal designer! Son!a with Yola!

Style Card:

Dress from Son!a Yola ( NEW)
Hair by Lelutka Neu ( NEW)
Jewelry by Son!a, came with the dress

photo by Me



The most funny thing can happen to a person is: Be hated for any reason LOL. Well this happen to me a LOT actually, what is weird, because until I remember I never did anything for this people LOL. So should I care? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I have a lot of friends who likes me =), people who suport me, one of they I could never imagine! So because of they and for they, I know I am in the right way. I just keep at my side people I admire, people who can teach me new stuffie everyday, people to Share and receive.

So…. about the hateness for somebody never did anything to you, I keep this precious Words I saw in a friend Skype Profile:

” Love is Boundless, Hate is Useless ”

And I will never think different =), my world is divide in 2 parts: The People I LOVE, and the people who dont exist. I dont wast my time with Hate, I just ignore =).

A huge Welcome to Mohna Lisa Couture and Lazuri! =)


About this pretty Picture I bridn this LPD Gown you cna find on Couturier Docks! And the Jewelry is a amazing Lazuri Creation!

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Style Card:

Dress and Hat By LPD ( Valeria)

Jewelry by Lazuri( Kaya Set)

Hair by Lelutka Maleficent

Slink feet High


Photos by Sylphia C.