Miss Mundo Virtual!

Miss Mundo Virtual!

Patrocinado por MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization

Para todas as Latinas!
1.- Entra en la página web del certamen:
a.- Completa el formulario de inscripción.
b.- Sube una foto de tu rostro en formato JPG (Mínimo 512 X 512 – Máximo 1024 X 1024). Ninguna foto con texto será aceptada, sin embargo, la firma del (la) Fotografo(a) está permitida.

2.- Las pre candidatas serán contactadas vía notecard.

3.- Las candidatas oficiales serán seleccionadas por un grupo de jueces durante las audiciones en vivo.
La fecha tope para recepción de fotos para el primer casting es:
22 de enero de 2014 – 12:00 a.m.

La fecha del primer casting es:
25 de enero de 2014 – 01:00 p.m. SLT

El lugar donde se realizaran las audiciones será informado a las preseleccionadas vía Note Card.

4- Si eres seleccionada para la audición deberás presentarte con un traje que impresione a los jueces. Serán evaluadas por sus poses, su desempeño en pasarela, su estilo y su apariencia en general… así que vengan preparadas para deslumbrar!

5.- La candidata deberá ser hispano parlante… los conocimientos de inglés son un valor agregado, pero tu lengua materna debe ser el castellano!

6.- La candidata a Miss Mundo Virtual no debe haber participado en el concurso MVW ni en MMV en ninguna de sus emisiones.

7.- La candidata a Miss Mundo Virtual deberá contar con más de seis (6) meses de antigüedad en Second Life y tener la edad verificada ante Linden Labs.

8.- La candidata a Miss Mundo Virtual deberá como condición no negociable disponer del uso del voice de manera que pueda tanto escuchar como hablar, ya que las entrevistas serán por voz.

9.- La candidata a Miss Mundo Virtual deberá ser del sexo femenino, tanto en RL como en SL.

10.- La lista de candidatas será anunciada a través del grupo Miss Mundo Virtual, por lo que se les enviará invitación al grupo.

11.- Los retoques de las fotografías con PhotoShop o programa similar están permitidas, pero trata de mantenerlos al mínimo para poder evaluar como luces realmente en SL, tal y como sucederá en la audición en vivo.

12- La elección de MISS MUNDO VIRTUAL 2014 se llevara a cabo el 18 de Mayo de 2014 a las 10:00 a.m. SLT y la ganadora tendrá el privilegio de entrar a participar automáticamente en el concurso MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2015, donde representará a su país de origen. Adicionalmente, tendrá una entrevista en The Best of Second Life Magazine y un premio en efectivo de 25.000 L.

Qué estas esperando? Envíanos tus fotos y mucha suerte!!!

Maria Eugenia Rodriguez
Miss Mundo Virtual Organization – CEO

Désir Miss China!

Désir Miss China!

Today I participate on the Face of Romance Couture as finalist, unfortunally I didint pass as finalist. But thank you all Friends for the suport! I receive a special suport for a person I didint use to talk, Shinobu Istmal, thank you for your kindess Shinobu!!! S2 and for Mark who was on the audience looking for me =) Ty! S2

Well I didnt have the oportunity to show my last look because they was just for the 8 finalists, so we was judge twice for the same look, so I want show my Last look here =). I Have a hard work to do, so hope you enjoy!


And the amazing gown of Miss China on Désir, run and grab it!


Style Card:


Dress from Désir MVW China

Hair from Tukinowaguma Faith

Parasol by BB


Evolve and Revolutionize

Evolve and Revolutionize

I am a totally faithful to my principles, And sometimes a few words are dispensable.
Dishonesty is the worst of diseases.

Home, it’s where the heart is
Where we’ll never leave again
Suffer or bleed again
When we go
The vultures will feed on them
And fire will come around
And we’ll be young again

So we’ll say goodbye girl
And watch as the world burns
This is exile
We’re in exile


Here is another creation of Evolve, from my Dear Reign Congrejo, and the second look is a pretty gift you can get in her store! RUN!

And to decorate I bring the other version of Le Voyage, in gold this time!


Style Card I:

Alondra Dress by Evolve
Hair by Truth Denee
Jewelry by Chop Zuey

Style Card II

Rami Dress from Evolve ( Gift)
Anya Hair by Baiastice



“Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember: a kite rises against the wind rather than with it.” ~ Unknown

I am model since 2010, I saw many things here. Born of huge agencys, and their death too. I saw many contests rigged, and another honests too. Saw many arrogant people fall and many people who deserve credit go away without it. My English is very bad to express myself, but what i want mean is, Is so different of our RL? I think no, anybody can pretend 100% of all time. Yes they aredifferent but the spirit is the same. And because of that i love so much! =)


And bring for you MVW News! The gowns from Solidea Folies!


Style Card I:

Dress by Solidea Folies ( MVW Gown Ireland)

Hair by Bliss Couture

Jewelry by Chop Zuey Le Voyage in Gold


Style Card II

Dress by Solidea Folies ( MVW Gown Denmark)

Hair by Emotions Sunburst


Edition by Me




I am felling happy with the last days! =) Many good thing its happen with me since I back! Many asks for Blog, many work to do, This really make me happy! =) The bad persons are very far away for me and the most important very near, Thank you so much for you visitor of this Blog, its really special with you, and is for You! Hope always surprise you and make your day better with some fashion new =).

Today I bring a special visit on my Blog Mohna Lisa Couture, i use to work for Mohna and he is avery talent person! Is a pleasure!


Style Card:

Dress Arianne Gown for Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry Maysoon for Lazuri

Photo by Me

There is a Light

There is a Light

Today I present you Nana! Miamai create this pretty gown in Black, Pink, Blue, Emerald and Red. The purple one is gift! run to Miamai and get your!

Who I am from the start, take me home to my heart
Let me go and I will run, I will not be silent
all this time spent in vain; wasted years wasted gain
All is lost but hope remains and this war’s not over


Style Card:

Dress by Miamai Nana in Purple and Emerald

Hair by Vanity Sinahi

Red Roses

Red Roses

I am inspired by pretty red roses, coloring Amarelo Manga and Chop Zuey!

I could drag you from the ocean
I could pull you from the fire
And when you’re standing in the shadow
I could open up the sky

And I could give you my devotion
Until the end of time
And you will never be forgotten
With me by your side

And I don’t need this life
I just need

wild meStyle Card:


Dress Natasha from Amarelo Manga

Coat Donna from Gizza Creations

Jewelry Wild Swan by Chop Zuey

Hair Serena by Lelutka






Promisse me we will stay forever Young?

I’ve seen the world, done it all
Had my cake now
Diamonds, brilliant
And Bel-Air now
Hot summer nights mid-July
When you and I were forever wild
The crazy days, the city lights
The way you’d play with me like a child

Will you still love me
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me
When I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will
I know that you will
Will you still love me
When I’m no longer beautiful?


Style Card:

Dress La Vie en Rose by Chop Zuey
Hair mix and match by Lelutka Serena and Son!a Onyx



I m a great fan of Lea Michelle and Glee. I love this new song, its very lovely! Hear it.

And to color the song i use the new collection of Solidea Folies! Enjoy!


Break it down
Break it down
Break it down

I was scared to death, I was losing my mind
Break it down
I couldn’t close my eyes, I was pacing all night
I think I found the light out the end of the tunnel

I couldn’t find the truth I was going under
But I won’t hide inside
I gotta get out, gotta get out
Gotta get out, gotta get out
Lonely inside, and light the fuse
Light it now, light it now, light it now

And now I will start living today
Today, today, I close the door
I got this new beginning and I will fly
I’ll fly like a cannonball
Like a cannonball
Like a cannonball
I’ll fly, I’ll fly, I’ll fly like a cannonball


Style Card I

( First)

Jacket by Solidea Folies Giovanna

Hair by Lelutka Maleficent

( Second)

Jacket by Solidea Folies Garbo

Hair by Lelutka Travail

( Third)

Dress from Solidea Folies Lili

Hair by Lelutka Evilly

Jewelry by Chop Zuey Grace ( gift of the store)

Style Card II

Dress by Solidea Folies Clara

Hair by Lelutka New

Hairpiece by Solidea Folies Silver

Until my Last Breath…..

Until my Last Breath.....

Miamai always bring special news, and this time she create 2 amazing dresses for you, Morije ( the back one) and Sarenne ( in 7 different colors for you).



Until My last Breath
Cannot cry it loud enough
I’m giving up this ghost
How can I still justify
When you deny my voice
In this nothing I am not allowed
I just follow alone
Words as weapons without a sound
Echoes dying unborn

Until my last breath
You’ll never know
Until you feel the silence
When I am gone
Now it’s vanishing
What we might have been
Only now your prays
Call my name
But you won’t see again

Style Card:

Dress from Miamai ( Sarenne in Silver)
Hair from Wasabi Mia

Style Card II

Dress from Miamai Morije
Hair from Wasabi Momo

photo by Syl. C